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Baby monitor Luvion

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Baby monitor Luvion

Luvion babysense

The new Babysense sensor mat against cot death
The concern that many parents have is not entirely unjustified. Even today, the breathing of young babies sometimes stops or jerks without any demonstrable sign. With Babysense, you choose the highest quality motion monitor that will alert you if this happens. Thanks to advanced technology, the highly sensitive sensor mats detect every movement of your baby.

How does the new Babysense work?
The complete kit consists of two round sensor mats that go under the mattress and a control unit. The extremely sensitive sensor mats react to movement through the mattress. As soon as no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds or the number of breathing movements drops below 10 per minute, the alarm will go off and a red light will start flashing. Thanks to Babysense, you are therefore immediately alerted as soon as breathing movements change unacceptably. Operation is simple and very user-friendly. By using 1.5 Volt batteries, there are no power cables running through the cot.

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