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TP Verzorgingsmand

  • Heel mooi verzorgingsmandje voor op de commode
  • Uitgevoerd in gewatteerde stof met handvat en mooie strikken
  • Logo van Théophile & Patachou is er op geborduurd
  • Heel handig om al uw babyproducten en luiers in te doen
  • Théophile & Patachou is een zeer exclusief babymerk

Samenstelling: 100% katoen
Afmetingen: 24 x 24 x13 cm

Théophile & Patachou turns the baby room into a little paradise for your little prince or princess.
Each theme consists of a complete decoration of your baby room in the most beautiful colours and finest finish. Quilt covers, bed protectors, cushions, playpens, lamps, baskets, nursing pads, soft toys...too much to mention.
All this is possible in the beautiful baby rooms of Théophile & Patachou.
Also the beautiful pram of Théophile & Patachou, available in blue or grey, is a real eyecatcher.

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