In 2000 the store is divided in 2: The part with strollers, clothing, bottles keeps the name Baby-Cars under new owners. Katia Vermeire (of course with the assistance of her parents) and her husband Koen Van den Eynde take over the part with furniture and the brand Théophile & Patachou. Thus, Baby & Co was born.

This division remains till December the first 2008. The complete store is reunited under the name Baby & Co with the Vermeire-Van den Eynde family in charge.

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The shop is currently closed, but the webshop remains open!

We can be reached by mail and by phone: +32 3 226 35 62 during "opening hours"

Giving presents on the birthlists is always possible. ;)

If you wish to make your birth list or place an order, please contact us and we will make an appointment to go over everything in the shop via Skype, WhatsApp.

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