The arrival of a baby: always a happy event!

Congratulations first and foremost to the parents, but also to you dear grandmothers and grandfathers, sweet godmother, cool godfather, family and friends.

Baby & Co (Baby-Cars at the time of Katia’s parents) was at the beginning of the creation of birth lists.We would like to share our experience with you. With us you are not a number, we help you from A to Z with all your questions. By appointment, our team will guide you through the complete offer to discuss all the necessities and fun gadgets. So you have everything your baby needs and you don't have to worry.

You have already received and bought a lot and you want a small list, of course possible, that is also possible.

You are very welcome in our shop to compile your birth list or to come and buy a present. Of course you can also choose a gift online.

Go to the birthlists here.

Please make an appointment in time: you can reach us by phone at +3232263562 or by mail at

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Big news! We are closing. Because of an opportunity not to be missed, we are closing the shop soon.

Do not miss this chance on beautiful showroom models. Have a look at the webshop.

Don't forget to call us to see if the room, upholstery set for the baby room, playpen, ... is still available.

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