• Thanks to the wide experience of our sales team and the special treatment you can rely on, making your baby´s list becomes a real pleasure. To compose a birth list, just give us a call to make an appointment, so somebody will be available to give you professional advice. We assist you with choosing all the articles that you might need and we give professional advice. Your list is immediately online with pictures of every item.
  • We suggest a period of about three months before the due date. Sooner or later is possible. If later however, we can’t guarantee that the all your items of preference are in stock a month before the due date. If you wish to add items to your list it is convenient to come by or send an e-mail.
  • You can already have a look at our web shop to get an idea of our assortment. If there’s an item you can’t find, no worries, we have a wider range than what is on the web shop.

Your birth list

  • On the birth list you can put all the articles that you want to receive or buy yourself. The more expensive items can be saved up with coupons. We don’t make fictive lists. It is preferable to opt for coupons.
  • All the selected articles of your preference will be presented in a unique cupboard, so friends and family will enjoy choosing their favourite present. Of course, your list is also online.
  • Before the birth you can already come to pick up or have delivered-along with the furniture-some items that you need in the beginning. You pay a guarantee of 70% on these items and they will remain on your list. (Stroller and furniture need to be paid for 100%) When you close your list, the guarantee will be used for the articles not yet paid or will be refunded when all your items of preference are paid.
  • The pick-up of the articles you reserved will pass more smoothly if you to give us a call in advance. If you want to park: there’s always room in the public garage across the road.

Closure birth list

  • A birth list runs from the moment that it is registered , until about two months after the baby is born. After this period you close the list, preferably by appointment.There is no obligation to buy what is left on your list, except for the goods that were especially ordered for you (furniture, personalised bedding, ...)
  • You have a benefit of 10% in a gift voucher of the global amount spent on your birth list. (except on sales and Martinelli). With a different code, you (the parents) can have access to, and print the list, of all the articles that are given with the messages of the people that gave it.
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Big news! We are closing. Due to an untold opportunity, we are closing up store soon. December 7 is the last day!

Don't miss this opportunity for wonderful showroom items. Be sure to check out the webshop to see the latest items.

Via email can still be reached for quite some time.

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