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DockATot (formerly Sleepyhead) is designed to offer a safe, snug and soothing environment for babies.

Sleepyhead® is perfect for when you are a "jet-setting" family or just want to move a resting place from room to room. Sleepyhead® is made of lightweight material and is easy to travel with.
Microclimate & Environment:
For a baby's climate everything must be perfect, comfortable and safe, then we should not only think about the global climate, but rather their microclimate. The microclimate is the space that directly affects their environment. Sleepyhead® is hypoallergenic and made with the most caring and hygienic fabrics that also offer excellent air permeability.
Why Sleepyhead® :
There are so many nests, why is Sleepyhead® so different? The Sleepyhead® has been extensively tested, using the best and most breathable materials to create the perfect micro-climate for babies and children. We are not just a nest and do not use any child-friendly materials such as elastic strings and small "wooden-piece" fasteners. Even the clips that hold the bumpers together when worn closed spring open automatically for safety when more than a 5 kg weight is kicked against them.
Our nests are designed with air permeability in mind, the baby's face (mouth and nose) is relatively high compared to the sides. The sides are low and also rounded. A baby who lies properly in the nest, on his back, breathes in "open air" so to speak. Unlike other bassinets, nests or baskets, the interior of our nests has been carefully designed to achieve maximum breathability.

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