Park brent wit 72*93

Playpen brent white

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Playpen brent white
  • White

Playpen Brent

Bopita box Brent

  • Babybox Brent has flat bars and is provided with a water-based, child- and environmentally friendly opaque paint.
  • The base plate is made of MDF and is adjustable in height; as soon as the baby grows too big and can pull himself up on the bars, you can lower the base so that the child can safely lie and play in the playpen.
  • Optional are a set of wheels for under the legs so that the box is mobile .
  • Combine the box with a mattress and on top of it a boxcloth for an extra soft surface.

Composition: MDF
Dimensions: Outersize: H: 0.81m B: 1.02m D: 0.82m; Mattress size: 72*93

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